Sr. Backend Engineer, Early Stage

NY, SF, Remote OK
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4+ Years

Variance is an early-stage SaaS company founded by a set of seasoned entrepreneurs with a vision of helping every employee gain mastery over their tools. We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to join the initial product team and be a key contributor in developing the first version of our product. This product will be a contextual layer that will assist people with their work delivered on top of other SaaS applications via a browser extension.

As a founding member of our engineering team, you will have a lot of opportunities to build the foundation of our platform, and influence decision making alongside the CTO and founders. You will get to work with a modern tech stack with React, Elixir, and Apollo Client/GraphQL to build out a next-generation SaaS platform. Additionally, there will be opportunities to grow as an engineering leader as the company scales through direct and active mentoring with experienced leaders.

Finally, at Variance, we are looking to develop a culture that balances sophisticated engineering techniques with a pragmatic, user-first and product-centric approach that ascribes to a NJ-style "Worse is Better" philosophy towards software architecture and product priorities. We also value diversity of all kinds as a key ingredient of success and ensure we have better colleagues, better work experience and create a first-class user experience.

A great candidate would…

  • Be comfortable shouldering a large amount of programming across the back-end stack: Building APIs and services for data-processing and rules-based decision making
  • Have an opinion on the best way to architect a large concurrent Elixir application that balances short-term time-to-market with long-term maintainability concerns.  
  • Want to work with a small team directly with the founders on building a product and a company.

Required Experience

  • 4+ years of back-end engineering experience building reliable, scalable, and performant API platforms
  • Worked on at least one previous in-production Elixir application
  • Working with a cloud-based deployment environment such as GCP, AWS, Azure.
  • Early-stage experience working on a small team, iterating on a product that is responsive to user prototyping and feedback from early customers.
  • Understanding of how to work with client-side engineers working with multiple user interfaces

Preferable Experience

  • Working with GraphQL backend APIs
  • Previous experience with building B2B SaaS software
  • Frontend development experience, in particular with React
  • Using Google Cloud Platform-based services such as PubSub, BiqQuery
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Variance is the best way to empower your team to get more out of their tools. We work across the most popular SaaS applications on the planet and add a host of functionality to help ensure everyone can reach their flow state.

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